Jack Black Wants Pedro Pascal to Voice Wario in ‘Super Mario Bros. Movie’ Sequel

Jack Black Pedro Pascal Wario Super Mario

In an interview with Gamespot, Jack Black revealed his dream of seeing Pedro Pascal play the role of Wario in a potential sequel to the Super Mario Bros movie.

Black, who voices the villainous Bowser in the film, expressed his uncertainty about returning for the sequel, as Illumination may focus on a different villain.

Black said, “Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Wario, Pedro Pascal is Wario.” Black suggested that Mario could face a more robust and evil villain requiring Bowser’s cooperation, with Wario being the perfect match.

When done correctly, Black also shared his admiration for adaptations from the gaming universe. He cited The Last of Us as an example of a significant transformation that remained faithful to the source material.

He expressed excitement about the possibility of exploring other great games in film and television, such as Red Dead Redemption, which he believes has an equally good or better story than The Last of Us.

During the Super Mario Bros promotional tour, Black also discussed the entertainment industry’s current state and predicted that the future would see more storytelling from the gaming universe. He suggested that there could be a contraction in the TV and film industries, but the gaming universe’s potential for storytelling remained largely untapped.