Ezra Miller believed They were the Messiah and would lead a Revolution

Ezra Miller believed They were the Messiah and would lead a Revolution

Ezra Miller, who has been at the center of a storm of controversy in recent months owing to several legal issues, has been the subject of a new piece from Vanity Fair that describes his mental health troubles.

Despite coming out as gay in 2012, Ezra Miller does not use the word “queer.” And prefer referring to him as They/ Them. In just over a year, he has been found in possession of Marijuana, Assaulted people in Hawaii multiple times, Kidnapped a teenage girl, Strangled a woman, and committed countless other crimes.

Ezra Miller Believed They Would Lead An Indigenous Revolution

The young star would have “delusions of gloriousness” that would drive him to the point of thinking he is the “next Messiah, referring to himself as both Jesus and the devil,” according to what was revealed.

More than a dozen intimate contacts were interviewed for the study. They described their interactions with Miller as “every interaction with him a conflict” and “an emotional non-consensual BDSM connection.”

According to some reports, the actor’s sanity started deteriorating after his parent’s divorce in 2019. Other sources place the turning point as the actor’s attempt to choke a fan in Iceland in April 2020.

Around that time, Miller had enlisted the spiritual counsel of North Dakota sorcerer Jasper Young Bear. The latter had persuaded him that the Masons were sending demons to assassinate him and that he was the coming Messiah.

The actor socialized with the youngsters in Iceland by discussing the “metaverse and medicine and referring to himself as the Messiah” and making offers to budding artists that never came through.

You’ll be a member of my band, I’ll produce your album, and you’ll have administrative control over my recording facility, a source remembered. He would enlist people when they were vulnerable and make these promises, whether they were DJs, college students, visual artists, or occasionally homeless children.

When Ezra Miller hired non-binary environmental activist Tokata Iron Eyes, his irrationality worsened. The actor is believed to have created a detailed story that read:

The apocalypse should occur because Tokata is a prophesied Native American spider deity, and Ezra is Jesus. And that’s why so many people are opposed to their getting together.