Pedro Pascal Says Ellie and Grogu would be Great Friends

Pedro Pascal Ellie Grogu

The Mandalorian and The Last of Us star Pedro Pascal believes that Grogu and Ellie would make great friends. 

Both characters serve as Pascal’s travel companions in their respective series. Grogu is a beloved creation from Star Wars, and Ellie is a rough-and-tumble survivor from post-apocalyptic America.

In The Last of Us, Pascal plays Joel, who must safely escort Ellie across America to a camp where she may hold the key to beating a devastating virus. Both characters share a common bond of having lived through turbulent times and being adored by fans. 

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Pascal stated that he is confident that Ellie and Grogu would hit it off if they were to meet in an alternate universe.

“I feel like they would walk off into the sunset together, to be honest with you, They’d be best friends.”

Pascal’s dual roles in two of the hottest television shows have cemented his status as an actor in demand. While fans may never see Ellie and Grogu share the screen, Pascal’s comments have sparked the imagination of many who would love to see the two beloved characters interact.

Watch the Trailer for The Last of Us Season Finale

Fans are now left to speculate how the series will end and how closely it will resemble the original content. The network has made clear that they don’t want to reveal too much. Only a highlight reel and Ellie’s determination to complete what she and Joel started back in Boston are seen in the teaser for the upcoming episode.