Bob Odenkirk Confirms He’s Starring in a Remake of Tommy Wiseau’s ‘The Room’

Bob Odenkirk Tommy Wiseau The Room

Bob Odenkirk, former star of “Better Call Saul,” has announced that he will star in a remake of the 2003 cult classic “The Room” to support charity.

Odenkirk will take on the lead role of Johnny, initially played by writer and director Tommy Wiseau. Despite opening to poor reviews and low attendance, the original film became a cult classic.

The project was first reported by Slashfilm, with Odenkirk later confirming the news on Twitter. He said he gave his best effort to sell each line and had a great time filming.

The remake is being produced by Acting for a Cause. This organization raises funds for various charities through digital performances by actors such as Alex Wolff, Zazie Beetz, and Justice Smith.

The “The Room” remake aims to raise funds for amfAR, a nonprofit organization supporting AIDS research. Most of the production reportedly took place on a green screen, with Odenkirk having filmed his scenes in January; Bella Heathcoate is also rumored to star in the film.

Tommy Wiseau’s representation stated that Wiseau-Films was not contacted about licensing the remake and was recently aware of the project.