House of the Dragon has Officially Dethroned Rings of Power

House of the Dragon Beats The Rings of Power in Viewership

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, a fantasy series that debuted through the Amazon Prime Video streaming platform on September 22, inspired by the written works of JRR Tolkien, is constantly battling for viewership, particularly with another show of a similar kind that has been playing on HBO since late August.

Tolkien’s books are, without a doubt, the standard for fantasy literature, yet several reviewers have noted that the author’s story is difficult to translate to the screen. Despite this, fans of the universe are still happy with what they have seen.

The Tolkien saga adaption was one of the most eagerly awaited fantasy series of 2022 when it was first revealed far before the show’s debut. Still, it shows that it was not much more so than the HBO drama, which features a troop of dragons at the core of its narrative.

The House of the Dragons overthrew the Lord of the Rings in viewership based on data for both releases and the most recent Nielsen US chart numbers.

The Game of Thrones prequel series House of the Dragon debuted on HB0 on August 21. Its release became the most-viewed premiere in the broadcast network’s history.

The work based on George R. R. Martin’s book Fire and Blood debuted on television with a record 29 million viewers, breaking the 25 million global viewers of the Amazon Prime Video series The Rings of Power.

Rings of Power has lost in terms of Viewership

The Rings of Power went up one position with 988 million minutes seen throughout the four accessible episodes, according to the most current Nielsen data on the Top 10 most-watched series across all streaming platforms as of September 12.

If you include the viewership of the HB0 network, House of the Dragon, which also airs on HBO Max, outperformed it with a total of 1.17 billion viewers.

Additionally, according to Nielsen, 34% of Prime Video subscribers and a nearly identical 33% of House of the Dragon watchers both watch The Lord of the Rings on Amazon.