Jenna Ortega doesn’t want to do ‘Wednesday’ dance again in ‘SNL’ Promo

Jenna Ortega Wednesday SNL

Jenna Ortega, set to appear on Saturday Night Live on March 11, joked during a promotional video that she’s tired of doing the Wednesday Dance. 

The video features Ortega with the Please Don’t Destroy Boys comedy trio, Ben Marshall, John Higgins, and Martin Herlihy. In the video, Ortega jokes that the promo script is well-written but repeatedly expresses her weariness in performing the Wednesday dance. 

However, the trio appears in black Wednesday Addams-inspired suits and wigs, pretending not to know the iconic dance from the Netflix show until Ortega agrees to perform a snippet of the dance for the promo.

About Wednesday Dance

The Wednesday dance became viral on social media after it appeared in the Netflix show late last year. Ortega, who revealed in a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight that she still has some remorse about that sequence, shared that there were many things she could have done differently. Despite this, Ortega appreciates the recognition and success the dance has brought.