Here’s why Walter White never tried his own Crystal Meth

A question that many Breaking Bad fans have asked themselves. Why has Walter White never tested his blue meth? Since the creator made it pretty clear Walt did everything for the Money, and had no desire to try the meth. His only goals were to make Money and leave enough for his family when he died. Also he saw how meth affected Jesse, and all his friends and everyone in his town, So it was better for him to never try it.

 In an interview with EW , Vince Gilligan admitted that he explored this hypothesis :

“It’s something we talked about: Should Walter White have tried his product? He was so proud of it… What would happen if he tried it? Would he have liked him? Would he have become addicted to it? “

He further added:

“Many of the recovering methamphetamine ‘cooks’ we spoke to have admitted that they have developed a certain addiction to the process of making the product. It is a mechanism similar to that which makes heroin addicts addicted, not only to the product, but also to the process of preparing the needle. “

“ It seemed enough that Walt was morbidly attached to power, chemistry and the manufacturing process. Any use of drugs by him would have made everything more complex and confusing. Walter White was a man who had never been in control of his life and who suddenly acquires it. Why ruin something that works by complicating it? “