Lisa Kudrow is open to a Friends Reboot but with One Condition

Lisa Kudrow is open to a Friends Reboot but with One Condition

One of the most famous television shows of the 1990s was “Friends,” which captivated millions of viewers throughout its ten seasons. The last episode of the series was broadcast over twenty years ago, but fans are still hoping for more.

Due to this, HBO Max gave viewers a chance to watch them reunited in “Friends: The Reunion,” leading many to believe that a remake of the popular sitcom was coming.

Lisa Kudrow, who portrayed the adored Phoebe Buffay, has now opened out about the likelihood and her requirements for backing a remake of the show.

In an interview, Lisa Kudrow said she would be interested in a relaunch of the show, but only if the cast was changed.

“I mean, not with us. I don’t think there will be a “Friends” reboot. But I’d be interested in seeing a relaunch with different actors. How might the program look in its manifestation?

In other words, a new sitcom in which Lisa Kudrow herself won’t appear, along with Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Matthew Perry, Matt LeBlanc, and others.

‘Friends’ was highly significant to Lisa Kudrow, but as we can see from the fiction itself, that time has long since passed.

Given this situation, the only remaining possibility of witnessing a relaunch of the renowned series involves new characters, stories, and issues.

Although rare, this possibility can’t be completely ruled out because reboots are currently expected.