Friends: Worst Things Chandler did to Joey

chandler bing and joey tribbiani iconic friendship

Chandler and Joey were arguably the show’s most recognizable couple and fan favorite. Chandler always provided Joey with financial support throughout the program, but there were also instances when he wasn’t the best of friends.

Joey is the victim of Chandler’s belittling and frequently malicious actions. That’s not to say Joey didn’t ever repay the favor; in fact, he owes Chandler more than enough excuses. However, they regard each other quite differently, and Chandler occasionally crosses the line with his behavior.

So here are some Worst Things that Chandler did to Joey

Sleeping with Joey’s Sister and forgetting her name

At Joey’s birthday celebration, Chandler indulges in too many vodka Jell-o shots and makes out with Mary Angela, one of Joey’s sisters. On top of that, he forgets which sister he fooled around with and tricks Joey into thinking he truly loves her.

Kissing Joey’s Girlfriend

When Kathy shows over at Chandler’s flat, Joey can’t be there since he has another date, so Kathy chooses to wait and offers to cut Chandler’s hair. However, things progressed, and Chandler kissed her.

Making fun of Joey’s Bracelet

As a thank you for covering the cost of headshots and meals, Joey gifts Chandler an incredibly engraved bracelet once he starts earning more money as Dr. Drake Ramoray on Days of Our Lives. But Chandler makes fun of it, hurting Joey when he overhears.

Using Joey to hide his relationship with Monica

When Joey discovers that Monica and Chandler are secretly dating, they pressure him to keep it a secret. But Chandler frequently takes advantage of him, either when he is discovered with a camera, in his underwear at Monica’s place, or with a naked picture of Monica. Even though he didn’t perform any of these acts, he is frequently held responsible.

Falling Asleep at Joey’s Movie Premiere

All of Joey’s buddies are anxious to attend the premiere of his first major studio film premiere during season 8, but Joey offers Chandler one extra ticket instead. When Chandler falls asleep throughout the movie, Joey’s attempt to repay Chandler for his support backfires.

He is constantly insulting Joey’s Intelligence.

In Friends, Joey’s intellect served as a constant joke. The jokes may be benign sometimes, while they could be downright offensive at other times. Chandler was one of the worst offenders when it came to insulting Joey.

Didn’t believe in Joey’s Big Movie

Joey values Chandler’s opinion of him more than anybody else, and he takes his advice to heart. When Joey finally landed a part, he was happy, and Chandler let him know it wouldn’t be his big break. Although Chandler was ultimately correct, it was inappropriate for him to implant the idea before the filming. Because of this, Chandler’s remarks to Joey on their road trip are demoralizing.