Jason Momoa says his Kids Love Watching Friends

Jason Momoa says his Kids Love Watching Friends

Jason Momoa has demonstrated from time to time again that he is a family man. He exhibits all his love for Lola and Nakoa, his children, with Lisa. Even after his infamous split with Lisa Bonet, he did not hesitate to support Zoe Kravitz, his stepdaughter, at the Batman Premiere.

He discussed how much he had noticed his children’s development in an interview with People, saying:

When they were little, it was very nice to tell them stories at night or have wrestling matches with them, and fun and beautiful things, but now my children are 15 and 13 years old, so they usually sit down and watch something.

Everyone was taken aback by Momoa’s unexpected revelation that his daughter Lola is a huge “Friends” fan: “What we observe is quite humorous. My daughter is obsessed with “Friends.” It transports me back to when I was younger and had these experiences.

And Friends isn’t the only ’90s television program her kids now watch: “After ‘Friends,’ we go on to their other favorite, Seinfeld. It’s funny how much they enjoy comedies and 90s culture.

Jason said his career and his children had kept him “young.”

In his words: “I started acting. I’m doing my best to act like an adult. I can’t escape it. But the fact is that I just enjoy playing, and it’s enjoyable to be imaginative and creative. My kids keep me youthful and keep me playing and doing the things you love to do.”