David Schwimmer still thinks Ross and Rachel “were on a Break”

Ross frequently says, “We were on a break,” which became one of most used Friends’ catchphrases.

Whether Ross betrayed Rachel in the fifteenth episode of Friends’ third season is one of the significant controversies that have raged across the community and beyond for more than twenty years.

If you don’t remember, Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) chose to end her relationship with Ross (David Schwimmer) in that episode because she was sick of her boyfriend’s ongoing jealousy of Mark, her coworker.

Ross joins Joey (Matt LeBlanc) and Chandler (Matthew Perry) at a party just after the split. He accepts a girl’s advances and goes to bed with them due to a misunderstanding with Rachel. And at this moment, a discussion that has persisted throughout every season of Friends begins.

Because he wasn’t with Rachel when he had a sexual encounter with the other female, Ross’s character does not consider himself guilty of treason. Rachel disagrees with this interpretation, which led Ross to repeatedly use the famous line “we were on a break.”

David Schwimmer brought up the topic when he appeared on The Tonight Show. The actor highlighted that opinions on this matter are still split during his conversation with Jimmy Fallon. However, his perception is clear: Yes, it’s not even a question. They parted ways.

Thus, the actor gives the impression of thinking exactly like his persona. Who knows if she will ever hear what Jennifer Aniston says about her?

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