Friends: Props that the actors took from the set at the end of the Show

We all have an enjoyable memory of Friends. Friends can no longer be considered a successful television production but a phenomenon that surpassed the small screen to become a crucial part of modern popular culture. Not only did it leave a good memory among its fans, but it was also a fundamental part of the lives of its actors.

In the case of its actors, everything rises to the highest level. They have confessed that they have objects in their homes that they took from the set of Freinds.

The actors revealed that they took some things from the set when the series ended, something that they still keep and that they have in their homes as a kind of memory of the wonderful years they spent in this
production that not only gave them money but also fame and opened doors for them.

Matthew Perry acknowledged taking the cookie jar with the “clock on it,” which he gave to Lisa Kudrow because she mistakenly thought it was a clock.

David Schwimmer, Ross Geller in the series, also said that he took Professor Geller’s badge from his office.

Jennifer Aniston said she took one of Monica s character dresses with her and still wears it today. I took the dress that Monica wore. I went into her wardrobe closet and pulled it out, and I still have it and wear it to this day. It still looks good on me. The dress in question is a black floral, and lace number Monica wore in the Season 8 episode.

Lisa Kudrow admitted that she took Phoebe’s rings.

Matt LeBlanc, who played Joey, said, “I stole a license plate frame that said, I love Friends, and put it in Schwimmer’s car. It took him a week to figure it out. That was me,” he added before the surprised look of David at the time of the funny and nostalgic reunion.

Courteney Cox was the only one who did not take anything. “I am not a person who collects things, and now I regret it. I’m going to steal something tonight, joked the actress at the famous reunion of the series for HBO aired on May 27, 2021.