How Well Do You Know Friends? Take this Quiz to Find Out

Friends is still one of the popular sitcoms of all time, despite the season finale airing over 18 years ago.

At this point we all have probably watched FRIENDS over and over for so many times that we have lost the count, We’re personally never tired of watching old Friends episodes, just like how Ross will never put the whole “We were on a break!” thing to rest. But can you answer the smallest details like the name of Phoebe’s gay ice dancer husband? Joey’s sister chandler slept with?

If so let’s find out….

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Breaking Bad Superfan Quiz

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Saul’s birth name was…

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Jesse’s girlfriend Andrea has a son. What’s his name?

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson stepped behind BrBa’s camera three times. Aside from season five’s “Ozymandias” and “Fifty-One,” which other episode did he direct?

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Effects of meth per Breaking Bad may include all of the following except:

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Which dream of Skyler’s went unrealized?

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What drug do we NOT see Jesse use?

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Gale Boetticher’s go-to karaoke song is…

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Where is Gus Fring from?

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When Walt retired from the meth game, how much money did he walk away with?

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What is Marie’s favorite color?

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What primitive weapon do Tuco’s cousins favor?

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What distracts Walt from absorbing the news of his cancer diagnosis?

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Walter White's pre-Heisenberg vehicle, the one he runs over the gangsters in, is a…

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Which of the following quote is not said by Jesse?

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What kind of R.V. do Walt and Jesse cook meth in?

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