Top 10 Funniest Joey’s Moment

Joey Tribbiani was not only the playboy of the show, But one of the funniest guy too. He wasn’t as smart as Ross or couldn’t understand or process Sarcasm like Chandler, But some of his dumb moments really were the funniest on the show.

So We now take a look at 10 times Joey didn’t think like the rest of the normal human being!!

10. When he lost 57 coin tosses to Rachel.


9.  When he tried speaking French

After landing himself an Audition which required him to speak French, ( which according to his resume he is fluent in ) He asks Phoebe to teach him since she can speak fluently in French, and everyone know how that worked out!!!!!!

8. When he was gonna be on Pyramid

7. When he amazed Ross, Rachel and Monica with his magic trick

Joey must be thinking he is Berry Allen

6. Not Getting The Air Quotes

Ross being frustrated with the fact that Joey accidently proposed to Rachel he uses Air Quote to which Joey reply was…..

5. Using A Thesaurus

Since Chandler and Monica were trying to adopt a baby and the adoption agency needed a letter of recommendations, Joey took the responsibility of writing it, Now since he don’t know any big fancy words Ross teaches him how to use Thesaurus, and he did but ON EVERY WORD.

4. PLEH for Help

After Phoebe car runs out of gas and they get stuck out in nowhere, Joey bright brain uses sticks to write PLEH so that helicopter won’t have problem reading it from the above, to which Monica’s reply was is hilarious…

3. Naming his stage name to Joesph Stalin

Joey was looking to change his name to more neutral, As Help comes Chandler and suggest Joey to name himself Joesph Stalin as a Joke, but since Joey is not very much aware about the history he decided to go with it.

2. When he thought it’s called Joey’s Apple

Joey didn’t wanted to put a Bow-Tie since it was hurting his Adam’s Apple but he thought it named after each individual man.

1. When he thought Joey was his family name

After finding out that Chandler and Monica were having S-E-X when Emma was in the next room, so he blackmailed them into keeping their first one Joey since he wanted someone to carry on his family name.

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  1. How about when in the bedroom to give Ross an Rachel talk he hid the care package in there when Ross and Rachel broke up had condoms in case they had to repopulate Earth

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