Breaking Bad: Here’s how much Money Walt & Jesse made in Total

The initial premise of Breaking Bad starts from Water White‘s need to make money , both to pay for his own care, and to leave the family financially safe in the event of his passing. Walt , ill with cancer, embarks on a desperate undertaking to achieve these goals: to produce and sell methamphetamine . But the real question is always how much Money Walt & Jesse made in Total.

We know this and we also know that the business, undertaken together with partner Jesse Pinkman , despite proceeding through numerous “accidents along the way” ultimately turns out to be quite profitable. Fans of the series will be familiar with the images of purses, holdalls and even barrels filled to the brim with bills .

But how much money was that? We must keep in mind a long series of events that, over the course of the series, sometimes increase your earnings suddenly, other times they decrease them by a lot. To begin with, the exorbitant fees of the faithful Saul Goodman , always very substantial, must be considered.

The money is also also used to pay for Hank Schrader ‘s treatment (when he is injured following the assault of the Salamanca brothers in Season 3), with Walt attributing it to a lucky win at the game. Again, there is the matter of Ted Beneke and his tax problem, which takes away another $ 621,000.

In season five that it is revealed that Walt , as far as he is concerned, would have earned more than $ 80 million . He buried those $80 Million in large barrels somewhere out in New Mexico desert. But Todd’s Uncle Jack ends up taking all those barrels except one which they left for Walt. The barrel had around $11 Million, some of which he used to escape the town from being captured by the police, In the end he ended up leaving around $9 Million for his son and daughter.

How much money did Jesse Pinkman had at the end of El Camino?

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Jesse had more than $230k in cash At the end of El Camino.

When Skinny Pete asks Jesse if he has any cash, Jesse says no. He and Badger then give Jesse approximately $8,000 in cash. Jesse then finds Todd’s stash and the money is split evenly between him, Neil and Casey. One-third of the money from Todd’s stash plus Skinny Pete and Badger’s contributions adds up to $248,200, since Ed required $250,000, and Jesse Pinkman was $1,800 short. Jesse then goes to Kandy Welding to ask for the remaining $1,800. Instead, Neil challenges Jesse to a duel for his entire share of the cash. Jesse kills Neil and Casey and takes Neil’s share of the money, which nets him another $240k.

Jesse currently has a bit around $488,800. He has $238.8k left over after paying Ed’s $250k, less any money Neil may have previously spent. After crossing the Canadian border into Alaska, Ed gives him the Toyota Land Cruiser.