Better Call Saul: Fan Have A Disarrange Theory About The Fate Of Lalo Salamanca

This final season of Better Call Saul has some big questions to answer, With only one episode left of the Season 6: Part 1, There are obvious questions like the fate of Kim Wexler, what happens to Saul Goodman, and how he completely transforms from Jimmy McGill. But that is not all, The most important one is what happens to Lalo Salamanca

Lalo’s out for revenge after surviving the attempt on his life. Immediately suspicious of Gus Fring, Lalo arranged to leave Mexico to return to Albuquerque to find him. Lalo found a caravan returning to cross the border, but before boarding, he made a quick call to his uncle, Hector Salamanca. Over the phone, Lalo shared that he survived and that he believed Gus Fring is behind this. Though, after Remembering the men named Werner Ziegler who built something for Gus, Lalo decided not to cross the border again and went to Germany to investigate.

His fate could go either way at this point, But since Better Call Saul is a Prequel to Breaking Bad we know he is going to die either way, but how? Here is some Fan Theory that are very interesting:

“Gus will talk to Lalo about the super lab. Take Lalo down to said super lab and kill him,” That’s why Gus left his gun behind, hidden in case he gets searched beforehand.

“Gus is suspicious of where Lalo went and will lead him through a series of circumstances: Werner’s house, Madrigal, Kai, information about the lab, and finally to the lab itself.”

“I’m one of the few people that believe that Lalo is alive. At the very least he would be alive during some portion of the BB timeline since Jimmy asks if Lalo sent Walt and Jesse.”

“Gus thinks he’s dead. Gus didn’t say they’re all dead. He said “the Salamanca name dies with you”. Lalo could’ve been arrested, maybe sent back to his country who knows. Doesn’t necessarily mean he’s dead.”