House of the Dragon: Finale Teaser hints at the Fate of a Certain Character

House of the Dragon: Finale Teaser hints at the Fate of a Certain Character

House of the Dragon’s first season’s climactic episode teaser has concentrated on Rhaenrya, the queen of the dark side. After knowing of her father’s passing and the Throne’s takeover by the Greens.

The storyline shifts from King’s Landing to Dragonstone in the next Episode, titled “The Black Queen,” which follows the conclusion of House of the Dragon episode 9.

The trailer begins with Rhaenys and Melis flying from King’s Landing to Dragonstone, where “the queen who never was” has collectively departed the Bay Seven.

The Hightowers are coming for Rhaenyra and her children, and Rhaenyra and Daemon are imparting the disturbing news and warning her distant cousin and former son-in-law.

Prince Aemond reveals in another scene by removing the patch from his left eye and exposing the missing, scarred eye he lost along with his little nephew Lucerys in the violent rampage.

All of the black side’s members are currently in Dragonstone discussing the state of the conflict. As Rhaenyra considers her following action as her legitimate heir, the men gathered around the painted table implore her to declare war on the kingdom and recover the Throne that is rightly hers.

Jacerys and Lucerys, Rhaenyra’s two eldest sons, have taken stepsisters/cousins Baela and Raena as their wife. Jacerys is the next in line to the iron Throne as per Viserys’s intentions, while his younger brother Luke will succeed to the Throne of Driftmark from their paternal grandfather.

Next Sunday

The debut of House of the Dragon’s last season one episode, which kicks off the tale found in the Dance of Dragons books and will air on HBO next Sunday, October 23, is all left to be done.