Jennifer Aniston on How She Coped with Friends Ending

Jennifer Aniston on How She Coped with Friends Ending

Jennifer Aniston talks about how she handled the 2004 finale of the famous sitcom Friends after ten seasons. The popular comedy series debuted in 1994 and featured a group of friends as they went about their daily lives in New York City.

The six Friends’ main characters went through the ups and downs of their twenties and thirties until the comedy, which had become one of the most popular on television, reached an emotional ending in 2004.

Aniston discussed how she handled Friends’ ending in an appearance on The Ellen Show. She talked about how the end of the program came just after she got divorced and how soon after that, she started treatment.

About her role in The Break-up, Aniston quips that she “leaned into the end” after Friends ended. She also discusses how she saw it as a chance to start again.

Well, after Friends ended, I got divorced and started treatment, as you may know. Oh, and I also worked on the film The Break-up. I leaned into the conclusion. I said, “Hey, guys, let’s just put this… let’s make this a brand-new chapter.” Let’s put an end to this. Let’s put a stop to everything and begin again. And it did work well.

Aniston previously admitted that returning to the Friends show set brought up difficult memories of her circumstances while production, so it’s encouraging to hear that she can now look back on it with a more positive attitude.