This was the Plot of Black Panther 2 with Chadwick Boseman

This was the Plot of Black Panther 2 with Chadwick Boseman

If actor Chadwick Boseman had lived to portray King T ‘Challa, the story of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever would be very different. It would specifically emphasize Thanos and the events of the previous two Avengers films.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever will faithfully honor Boseman while presenting viewers with significant MCU events like the introduction of the next Black Panther.

Ironheart and Namor are the two new addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the war between Wakanda and Talocan, and more. 

If Chadwick was still alive to portray T’Challa, the story would have focused on the king’s return to Wakanda after being absent for five years due to Blip.

Despite all the modifications made to the franchise in the wake of Chadwick Boseman’s death, director Ryan Coogler claims that the original script for Black Panther 2 is still “quite spiritually similar” to it.

A fascinating detail about what Wakanda Forever would have been, which, as we already reported, would have been connected to the events of Infinity War and End Game, was disclosed by the film’s creator.

The filmmaker said that suffering had always been a vital story component. The plot would have centered on the king of Wakanda grieving for all the time lost due to the Blip rather than Chadwick Boseman’s death.

“The character was going to be mourning the loss of time, you know, coming back after being away for five years. As a man with so much responsibility for so many that he returns after an enforced absence of five years, that’s what the film addresses. He was in mourning for a time that he couldn’t get back. The pain was a big part of that.”