Heart of Stone Trailer: It’s Gal Gadot Vs Alia Bhatt in Action-Packed Netflix Film

Heart of Stone Trailer Gal Gadot Alia Bhatt

Alia Bhatt and Gal Gadot join forces in the highly anticipated film Heart of Stone, and fans can finally glimpse the action-packed excitement in the recently released trailer.

Directed by Tom Harper, this marks Alia’s debut in Hollywood alongside Jamie Dornan and Gal Gadot in a leading role. The trailer premiere took place at the Netflix event Tudum 2023 in Brazil, igniting excitement among viewers.

The trailer sheds light on the character of Rachel Stone (played by Gal Gadot), a skilled spy who also operates covertly as a member of the Charter—a clandestine organization leveraging advanced technology to safeguard global security. Rachel embodies the epitome of professionalism: an exceptional field agent who adheres strictly to missions, relies on data, and trusts no one.

However, when a routine operation is disrupted by the enigmatic hacker Keya Dhawan (portrayed by Alia Bhatt), Rachel’s two worlds collide. As she races against time to protect the Charter and defy the odds, her humanity emerges as her greatest asset.

Alia’s portrayal showcases her ability to pack a punch, captivating audiences with her intense action sequences. Adding to the anticipation, it’s revealed that the actress performed most of these stunts while pregnant, amplifying the admiration from fans eagerly awaiting her performance in the film.

Heart of Stone Trailer

The trailer left desi fans thrilled, with many expressing surprise and excitement at seeing Alia Bhatt in a villainous role. Comments flooded in praising Gal Gadot’s consistent brilliance in her roles and Alia’s portrayal of an excellent, edgy character. The unexpected twist of Alia as the antagonist generated immense enthusiasm, with fans proclaiming that their dreams had come true.

Alia shared her experience working on Heart of Stone in an interview with Variety, highlighting the unique challenge of shooting her first Hollywood action film while pregnant. She expressed gratitude for the seamless and supportive environment the cast and crew provided, making the experience unforgettable.

Directed by Tom Harper, Heart of Stone is envisioned as the inaugural installment of a series akin to Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible. The film is set to premiere on Netflix on August 11, creating an intriguing clash with Alia’s husband Ranbir Kapoor’s film Animal.