Quentin Tarantino Allegedly Paid $10000 to LICK Woman’s Feet

Quentin Tarantino Paid $10000 to LICK Woman's Feet

During a Get in the Car podcast episode, Quentin Tarantino’s well-known love for female feet again took center stage, solidifying its status as a running joke.

The incident involves a revelation by an individual nicknamed NorCal Lowlife, who shared an encounter with the acclaimed director while working at the Hollywood Crazy Girls str*p club.

According to Lowlife, Tarantino visited the club at an undisclosed time and requested a VIP lounge accompanied by the most voluptuous dancer available. Curious about Tarantino’s activities, Lowlife sneaked into a back room and observed the director’s actions on the security monitors.

As the story goes, Tarantino sat down while the dancer prepared to undress. Unexpectedly, he abruptly lifted her onto the chair, removed her boots one by one, and passionately licked the soles of her feet, even going as far as sucking on her toes.

Lowlife estimated that this peculiar foot-focused act lasted approximately half an hour. After the episode concluded, the dancer’s feet supposedly felt akin to the pruney texture experienced after a long soak in a bubble bath. Tarantino reportedly bestowed a substantial sum of $10,000 upon her as a reward for her participation.

During a recent interview with GQ, Tarantino nonchalantly addressed his well-known fixation on feet in his movies. He dismissed the matter, asserting that foot imagery can be found in films by other esteemed directors, such as Luis Buñuel, Hitchcock, and even Sofia Coppola.

Tarantino emphasized that it all boils down to the skillful direction and execution of such scenes, implying that his fascination should not be taken too seriously.