You: Penn Badgley wants this Famous Singer to kill Joe Goldberg

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Penn Badgley wants this Famous Singer to kill Joe Goldberg. “You” is a gripping and suspenseful show that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats as they root for the downfall of the obsessive serial killer, Joe Goldberg, played by Penn Badgley

Penn Badgley wants this Famous Singer to kill Joe Goldberg.

Despite viewers’ hope for justice to be served, it never comes. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Badgley revealed that he has a celebrity in mind to finally bring an end to Joe’s reign of terror: none other than the famous rapper and Grammy winner Cardi B

As a big show fan, Cardi B has publicly expressed her love for “You” on social media. Badgley stated that while he is open to the idea of Cardi B appearing in the show and killing off Joe, it needs to fit with the plot and allow her to be her authentic self as Cardi B.

“Would I want her to be in You? Yeah, if it worked, I wanted her to be in Season Four. But it has to work. You know? How could she be anybody but Cardi B?” said Badgley.

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Cardi B also made her official Cameo in Season 4

Cardi B “technically” made her cameo on the crime series “You” through her hit song “I Like It.” The song was featured in the fourth season’s first episode, which aired on Thursday.

In the episode, Penn Badgley’s character, Joe Goldberg, was seen carrying out a disturbing task while the track played in the background. The famous rapper quickly responded to the tribute by changing her profile picture to a picture of Joe.

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Cardi B and Penn Badgley’s Twitter Friendship

The connection between Penn Badgley and Cardi B began when an old interview from 2019 promoting “You” resurfaced. In the interview, Penn praised Cardi B for her unique relationship with her fans on social media. 

“I really appreciate people who have this sort of totally second-nature relationship with social media,” Badgley continued. “Cardi B is a great example of that. She has such an authentic relationship. To me, it’s this incredibly nuanced place to be. Despite what many might judge as antics and all this, I feel like she has an incredibly authentic relationship to that, and that’s why people like her so much.”

Badgley and Cardi B Twitter interactions

As the fourth season of “You” continues, fans eagerly anticipate what fate will befall the notorious serial killer, Joe Goldberg. The first five episodes of the season introduce a new serial killer who is giving Joe a run for his money, and it’s clear that the body count will only keep rising. With the show already halfway through its fourth outing, it remains to be seen if Joe will make it to the end and if Cardi B will make her highly anticipated cameo.