Friends: The Worst Thing Each Main Character has Done

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The 90’s sitcom Friends is endearing, ideal, and devoid of unexpectedly sinister overtones. It had characters that were so endearing and appealing that they made you feel good inside, but it also had plenty of instances where you thought you didn’t like the things the character from Freinds did to each other.

So here are The Worst Thing Each Main Character has Done from Friends

Chandler lost his Toe because of Monica

Monica wanted to get back at Chandler for calling her “fat” the year before by seducing him and making him seem foolish. But due to a careless knife accident, she severed his Toe. The doctors said it might have been reattached, but Monica intentionally brought a carrot to the hospital rather than Chandler’s Toe.

Joey stealing Huggsy back from Emma

Huggsy, also known as Joey’s Bedtime Penguin Pal, played a minor role in the program. When Rachel moved in with Emma, Huggsy quickly won Emma over. Joey was so envious that he sought to replace the teddy with another one.

Phoebe trying to befriend Monica

The return of their old friend Amanda in episode 10 of season ten, “The One With Ross’s Tan,” annoys Monica and Phoebe. They shun and ignore her to “shut her out.” Only to find out that Phoebe once attempted to break ties with Monica.

Monica accused her Maid

Brenda, Monica, and Chandler’s new Maid draw Monica’s anger when Monica sees Brenda wearing a pair of pants that resembles Monica’s previously misplaced. Because she is suspicious and paranoid, Monica notices that her pants team has an ink stain on the crotch. To leer and get a good look at the color, she sends Chandler to get the Maid.

Various Phoebe Crimes

Although Phoebe has made no secret of her criminal background, the specifics are so hazy and unreliable that it’s challenging to narrow down her worst act. One of the worst was when, after “he jabbed [her] first,” she jabbed a police officer.

Rachel Convincing Bonnie to Shave Her Head

Bonnie, who Ross begins dating after splitting from Rachel. To reduce Bonnie’s attraction to Ross, Rachel talks to her and persuades her to shave her head.

Chandler kissing Kathy

Joey discovered Kathy to be a fantastic girlfriend, and Chandler also started to develop feelings for her because of how attractive, humorous, clever, hilarious, and fun she was. He struggled with his emotions yet constantly allowed them to surface.

Rachel ruining Ross’s Wedding

Rachel decided to travel to London for Ross’ wedding to tell him that she still have feeling for him. Though, she ultimately decided not to spoil Ross’ special day, but she probably contributed to his infamously terrible line error I Take Thee Rachel  by merely being present.