Friends | Chandler Bing’s Girlfriends Ranked

Chandler and Monica wedding kissing

Chandler had a bad reputation for being a person who had many problems when dating women. However, you are aware that this is only partially accurate. Chandler dated women who were way too HOT and out of his league throughout the ten-season run of Friends. So let’s rank Chandler Bing’s Girlfriends.

Here are Chandler Bing’s Girlfriends Ranked in no Particular Order

Julie Graff

Stacy Galina plays Julie Graff, Chandler’s ex-camp girlfriend. She appears in “The One With The Nap Partners” when she hears Monica getting engaged to him. She sends her a sarcastic “Good luck” message.

Mary-Angela Tribbiani

While intoxicated, Chandler plays around with Mary-Angela Tribbiani, one of Joey’s younger sisters. In The One Where Chandler Can’t Remember Which Sister, he cannot recall which of Joey’s seven sisters he fooled around.
Although this wasn’t a relationship in the strictest sense, it came close to being one. It had an impact on Chandler’s friendship with Joey.

Missy Goldberg

Missy was a stunning woman and catered to Chandler’s wild and crazy side. He was always a great fan of music. They could have talked about various topics, including their college experiences, Missy’s band, and how dorky Ross Geller is.

Susie Moss

Chandler had a thing for Susie Underpants, sometimes known as Susie since he was a little boy. Julia Roberts played her in “The One After the Superbowl, Part 2.” 

She was a fourth-grade classmate of Chandler’s who wore spectacles and carried an animal cracker box about like a handbag. She trained as a cinematic hair and makeup artist as she grew older.

When they were younger, the two never dated. They split up on bad terms after Chandler plays a practical joke on her by showing Susie’s underwear to everyone at school.


Alison La Placa played Joanna, a Bloomingdale executive. Joanna, Rachel’s supervisor then, was one of Chandler’s unsuitable partners.

Despite Rachel’s optimism, Chandler finds he’s genuinely not interested after their date. But because Chandler is Chandler, he continues promising to contact Joanna, but he never does. In “The One Where They’re Going To Party,” she was killed after work when struck by a taxi.


In “The One With All The Wedding Dresses,” Chandler dates Marjorie. Chandler brings Joey to the sleep center because he snores, and Marjorie is there because she talks. Christina Moore played her part of her.


In the episode “The One With Phoebe’s Ex-Partner,” Sherilyn Fenn portrayed Ginger. After meeting her as she exits the restroom in Central Perk, Ginger and Chandler share a brief but sweet romance. They immediately click and start dating, and it looks like they’ll make an excellent team.


The character of Aurora, played by Sofia Milos in “The One With The Butt,” was an Italian-born former Israeli soldier who dated Chandler. 

Undoubtedly, Aurora was among the most attractive women Chandler had ever dated. She was gorgeous and the epitome of grace, bravery, and mystery. 

Because he was so enamored with her, Chandler didn’t care that she was polyamorous and had a husband and a boyfriend at the same time that they were dating.


When Chandler decided to take Kathy out after seeing her at Central Perk, he discovered that she was already waiting for a date with Joey. 

Paget Brewster played the part of her. Chandler starts to feel powerful for Kathy as they connect, despite her friendship with Joey. As Kathy was so calm, sweet, and right, fans had high expectations for her. 


Friends frequently included the character Janice. She had been Chandler Bing’s long-distance lover on and off, recognized for her annoying, nasal voice and catchphrase, “OH MY GOD!” Maggie Wheeler is the person that plays her.

Janice was one of the best things that ever happened to Chandler, even though fans didn’t like her laugh or voice. Although she wasn’t the most endearing person in the world, she genuinely loved Chandler and always managed to come back to him. By season three, Chandler had also grown to love her.

Monica Geller

Courteney Cox portrays one of the show’s key characters. What was initially intended to be a casual relationship between two friends or a one-night stand develops into something more.

Of all the girlfriend’s Chandler Bing dated, Monica was the best one. As his best friend, his rock, and arguably the best couple on the show, she is the love of Chandler’s life. Even though it took them some time to start dating, they made a fantastic couple once they did.