20 Things You Never Knew about Friends

20 Things You Never Knew about Friends

Friends was one of the most-watched television comedies ever. Following the 1994 debut, an instant smash, the six characters gained notoriety. For ten seasons, it held the attention of many people worldwide.

Here are 20 Things You Never Knew About Friends

Ross’ third divorce, in the opinion of David Schwimmer, was going too far. “The whole arc of the relationship was bizarre then.”

The writers stood their own and insisted there be three equal-weight storylines every episode, despite NBC’s initial proposal for one primary plot and a few lesser ones. Marta Kauffman stated, “We didn’t want to make it like every other comedy.”

James Michael Tyler, who plays Gunther, worked as a barista before getting the part.

Gunther didn’t have a name till the middle of season two.

The writers didn’t write Joey’s Character as Dumb; Matt LeBlanc’s portrayal of him at his audition is what gave him that quality.

Ellen De Generes rejected the part of Phoebe Buffay.

The Famous Orange Couch: The Crew discovered it in the Warner Bros. studio’s basement.

Pat the Cop, a more senior, fatherly character who was present to counsel the group on its life decisions, was the initial plan. He never progressed past the first episode.

It was previously a mirror that surrounded the golden peephole on Monica’s apartment door. One of the staff accidentally broke it, but because it still looked fine, they chose to leave it where it was.

Before being shortened to Friends, the sitcom was initially supposed to be titled Insomnia Cafe, Friends Like Us, and Six of One.

Hank Azaria, who portrayed Phoebe’s love interest, David, twice went through the casting process to be considered for the role of Joey.

Maggie Wheeler, who played Janice, created the voice for her audition based on individuals she knew, yet she sounded nothing like Janice.

Bruce Willis participated in the program due to his defeat in a bet with Matthew Perry over the commercial performance of their movie, The Whole Nine Yards. He appeared without payment.

I’ll Be There For You by The Rembrandts was co-written by the show’s producers.


Chandler’s discomfort around women resulted from Matthew Perry’s issues with women; it was never a core aspect of the character.

Monica and Joey were to be the significant love interests., and not Rachel and Ross, or Monica and Chandler,

Friends use the term “friends” at LEAST once in every episode.

The writers were looking for a strategy to prevent Rachel from seeing Ross again, so they created her relationship with Joey. It wasn’t chosen until the middle of the season.

Courteney Cox was the first choice of the show’s creators to portray Rachel.

Jennifer Aniston was the owner of the hideous white dog statue that Joey received as a good luck gift from a friend.