5 Reasons Why Joey is that Friend we all Wish we had

Joey tribbiani as Superman from Friends

Joey Tribbiani from Friends, Portrayed by Matt LeBlanc, is one of the fan’s most adored/ loved characters. Joey had such a long-lasting influence on the program that he was regarded as everyone’s ideal buddy during his tenure on television. He is that Friend we all Wish we had.

Most of the time, Joey’s romantic and career lives were a mess. However, all was made up for when he displayed his more sympathetic, almost childlike side.

5 Reasons Why Joey is that Friend we all Wish we had

A Loyal Friend

Even if things didn’t always go as planned, Joey always came off as a dependable buddy. There are countless instances of his friendship, such as when he confronted Rachel’s boss after she led him to believe she wanted to purchase her child. 

Or the time he insisted on performing the wedding ceremony’s master of ceremonies duties for Chandler and Monica. Among many other instances, there was the scene where he wrote an absurd recommendation letter to the adoption agency to assist them in having a child.


Joey only became a wealthy actor for a sizable portion of his tenure on Friends. Still, when he was offered the part of Dr. Drake Ramorey, he accepted without hesitation and with his first significant salary. He purchases two disgusting friendship bracelets for Chandler and himself.

She is also visible in the amusing scene where the friends buy lottery tickets and make wishes to win. Except for Joey, who quietly implores Chandler to find employment.

Won’t Disappoint You

To avoid disappointing his grandmother when his part in the Law and Order series was cut. He decided to record himself and show it to her while pretending it was an episode of the show.

Or when everyone assumes that Ursula’s twin sister Phoebe has a second life as a porn star. They all want to watch her movies, except Joey, who won’t let his Friend in such a predicament until he realizes it’s Ursula.

His incomparable phrases


Who can forget Joey’s humorous sayings, such as “Joey does not share food” and the most well-known “How You Doin”? No lady could resist when he said it, whether in fiction or real life. 

When fans discovered the interpreter outside the series, they frequently begged for it. If Joey was proud of anything in Friends, it was that the girls were taken in by him when he first uttered that statement.

Best Friend Forever

As soon as Joey was cast as Doctor Drake Ramoray on Days of Our Lives, he became wealthy and relocated to a more excellent apartment. Despite their denial, Chandler and Joey both missed each other poorly. When Joey returned and hugged Chandler from behind, viewers sobbed with happiness.