Rhea Seehorn Reveals she Expected Kim Wexler to Die

Rhea Seehorn Kim Wexler

The well-liked Breaking Bad prequel series Better Call Saul finished on Netflix a few months ago. Rhea Seehorn’s performance as Kim is undoubtedly one of the factors that helped the program become one of the most adored ever. The character survived the show’s entire run and appeared in the fantastic epilogue. However, the actress admitted to Empire that she had long believed Jim’s brilliant legal life partner would die before the program’s conclusion.

“I had no idea. I definitely thought Kim could die. At some point, I started having storylines that were not just ancillary to Jimmy, and I was thrilled, but I honestly did not dare to dream. Patrick and I would laugh and flip through the scripts immediately and be like, ‘I’m not dead!’ It just became a thing of, ‘I don’t want to get out of this sandbox.’ It’s the best writing, the best character, and the best people.”

Alternate Ending for Better Call Saul

Although there were no intentions to kill Kim, Seehorn revealed to Entertainment Weekly that many endings for Better Call Saul were recorded. In the last scene, Saul admits to being a part of Walter White’s business and receives a sentence of more than 80 years. In the climactic scene, Kim appears in the role of her attorney, and they exchange an emotional farewell. Kim exits and joins Saul in the courtyard after they have a cigarette, similar to how they did in the program’s first episode. As both characters have done before in the story, he points his finger at her pistols.

“Well, we shot a couple of different iterations — including ones where she shoots finger guns back at him. It was very small and not animated or with a smile, but still – in the end, Peter decided that it looked too much like they were saying, ‘Kim is back in the game,’ and we really didn’t want to give that impression. That moment between them, to me, is much more about the acknowledgment of their bond, that is still there, and the part of their relationship that was true,” Rhea explained.

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