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Side by Side comparison of Breaking Bad and Metástasis. Everyone already knows about the hit American Tv-show Breaking Bad, created by Vince Gilligan. Still, not many of your might be familiar with the Colombian remake of Breaking Bad, called Metástasis. However, it may be more accurate to call it a carbon copy since the remake follows the original script almost word for word, with different actors speaking in Spanish.

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About Metástasis

The main character is Walter Blanco, with his wife Cielo Blanco, his brother-in-law Henry Navarro, and his ex-student turned drug dealer José Miguel Rosas, among other characters similar to the beloved protagonists of Breaking Bad.

The remake is quite faithful to the original, with a total of 62 episodes across 5 seasons, all aired in 2014 and broadcast in various other South American countries. However, the limitations of the product are noticeable, and the imitative nature only allows for a little creative exploration.

While some praise the creators of Metastasis for being able to produce and distribute such a large number of episodes with a low budget and in a short time, the result may not be as compelling as the original American series.

Even with the same scenes and dialogues, the disparity in production value and tone is apparent, with Metastasis failing to capture the same level of drama and emotion as Breaking Bad.

Side by Side comparison of Breaking Bad and Metástasis Gus Fring Death Scene


Hank’s Death Scene

Walter Blanco’s death but it’s with Baby Blue

In the end, while the success of Breaking Bad may have inspired the production of Metastasis, the remake offers little that has yet to be seen in the original series. It is unlikely to attract new fans and may only serve to appeal to Spanish-speaking audiences looking for a slightly more crime-focused telenovela. Nonetheless, it is a testament to the universal appeal of Breaking Bad, which has captured the hearts of viewers worldwide.

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