9 Gorgeous Jennifer Aniston’s Hairstyles for Inspiration

jennifer aniston iconic hairstyles rachel green

Jennifer Aniston has been a style icon since she performed “The Rachel” in Friends with her hair. She typically sports shorts, and her hair is in beachy waves.

She occasionally has a ponytail as well. The Morning Show received Aniston’s most recent Emmy nomination, so let’s look at how her gorgeous hair has evolved over the years.

Check the images below for examples of Jennifer Aniston’s hair in various styles.

In 1997

Jennifer Aniston always sports simple hairstyles on the red carpet. This look is to die for with its lovely half-updo, loose waves, and specs. Instead, she always dresses elegantly yet subtly.

In 1998

This must have been one of Jennifer Aniston’s best hairstyles. The rest of her hair is pulled back in a half ponytail. Someone must have used their fingers to distort the waves.

In 2001

Jennifer Aniston gave the traditional French bob a unique twist. I adore the fact that she doesn’t have bangs in this photo. Her side portion accentuates the positive expression on her face.

In 2002

For her performance in Friends, Jennifer Aniston won the Emmy for Lead Actress in a Comedy Role in 2002. She had previously been nominated twice for best-supporting actress.

In 2005

Side-swept bangs, in my opinion, are the ideal type of bangs. They enhance everyone’s facial characteristics, conceal protruding cheekbones, and draw attention to your greatest assets. Due to the free waves and absence of makeup, this hairdo appears even better.

In 2008

Around this period, Aniston rose to the status of unofficial golden girl and blonde highlight target.

In 2014

Long layers are Jennifer Aniston’s signature hairdo, so we never tire of admiring them. Instead, they emphasize how excellent her present haircut is.

In 2016

Jennifer’s hair, which is unruly, is the greatest. Her cheekbones are highlighted by the wonderful messy ponytail. Her lengthy bangs, which flowed to the side and emphasized her facial features, covered her face.

In 2019

How you frame the face determines everything, Short faces provide the impression of being longer, thinner, etc. In Jennifer Aniston’s haircuts, the layers are highlighted and frosted.

In 2020

Her favorite downstyle was blonde, and she had a gorgeous complexion and tanned hair. Jennifer chose to wear natural makeup, emphasizing her lashes with black mascara and tinting her lips a soft peach.