Indian Actress says that Brad Pitt ‘Slid into her DMs,’ Gets Brutally trolled

Indian Actress says that Brad Pitt 'Slid into her DMs,' Gets Brutally trolled

Indian actress Nora Fatehi, well-known for her incredible dancing skills, recently discussed about the most famous person to message her on Instagram in a recent interview.

Direct Message, sometimes referred to as DM in social media language. Brad Pitt messaged Nora, according to a recent interview. The actress was mocked heavily on Reddit. It’s called sliding into DMs if an unknown individual sends you a direct message on Instagram.

Grazia Magazine had an interview with Nora Fatehi, an Italian fashion and gossip magazine. Grazia is well-known. Every nation publishes its various versions.

On Reddit, this interview tape has gone viral. The public is mocking Nora’s response. According to reports, Brad Pitt doesn’t even know Nora. Leave the issue of sending DMs alone.

Brad Pitt doesn’t use Instagram at all. How did he message Nora directly after that? There might be two explanations for Nora’s response.

First, Nora received a message from a bogus Brad Pitt account. And Nora must have been misunderstood in some way.

The second reason is that Nora heavily misappropriated Brad Pitt’s name. Since Brad Pitt is one of the world’s most famous movie stars, it will only bring her more attention.