Why Charlie Sheen had a Bad Time Playing Ryan on Friends?

Why Charlie Sheen had a Bad Time Playing Ryan on Friends?

Several guest stars appeared throughout the Friends ten seasons on NBC, including Charlie Sheen, who made his lone appearance in season 2 and did not like his time on the set.

Being cast in Friends was more of a dream than an honor for many actors. Undoubtedly, many guests grew accustomed to playing their roles on the popular show.

Fans of Friends will recall that various actors were invited to the program during a ten-year run. In the 23rd episode of season 2, titled The One with the Chickenpox, Charlie Sheen played Ryan, a United States Navy Lieutenant Commander dating Phoebe Buffay.

Charlie Sheen, however, did not experience it when he brought Ryan to life in the second season. It turns out that Charlie Sheen felt his legs shaking while filming Friends because he was so nervous. The actor needed a back massage to help him relax because he was so anxious.

He revealed in the interview that he had been instructed to postpone reading his lines until there was applause. But as soon as he did that, he began to display signs of a problem.

The Friends director claimed that Charlie Sheen looked at him during the camera shot after he said his first phrase. He then requested the cut in front of the live audience. As a result, leaving, they were perplexed about what had happened.

After then, the celebrity guest was questioned privately about what had happened. Sheen insisted, and when he looked down, he saw his legs quivering with fear. His older brother, actor Emilio Estevez, who was present on set and offered him a massage to help him unwind, saved him.