Ultimate FRIENDS Quiz for Die Hard fans

Friends is a comedy television series from the 1990s that is set in Manhattan and follows six friends as they experience just much every aspect of life together, including love, marriage, divorce, having children, heartbreaks, conflicts, getting new jobs, losing those jobs, and other turmoil.

It’s one of the most popular Sitcoms of all time, People to this day still watches it’s rerun and have been continuously recatching it on Netflix.

So here is the Ultimate FRIENDS Quiz for Die Hard fans:

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Friends has entertained generations of comedy fans - you may have watched it when it first aired or soaked up every episode on Netflix. Perhaps you hadn't heard of Friends at all until the hugely anticipated cast reunion in 2021.

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What is Rachel’s favorite flower?

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What color is the couch in Central Perk?

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How does Rachel remember her seat number for her flight to Paris?

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Who was the first person to find out Monica and Chandler were dating?

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What is a “lobster?”

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Where was Ross and Emily's honeymoon supposed to be?

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What color are the shelves in Monica’s apartment?

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Where do Monica and Chandler move to at the end of the show?

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What are Monica and Ross’ parents’ names?

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When did Ross and Rachel say they love each other?

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Where was the first scene of the show shot?

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Who says the last line on the show?

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What is Thursday according to Joey?

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Who always says, “We were on a break?”

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Which friend had their head stuck in a turkey?

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