Friends Fans Booed this Actress for Keeping Ross and Rachel Apart

Friends Fans Booed this Actress for Keeping Ross and Rachel Apart

Throughout its course, Friends featured many unique and memorable guest stars. One of them was Lauren Tom, who played Julie for seven episodes. The actress recalled how she received live boos for the part.

Lauren Tom acknowledges that taking part in the series was her most enjoyable and memorable professional experience. During Season 2, the actress played a distinctive role as Ross’s girlfriend in seven Friends episodes.

She claimed that Friends was seeking a “charming person,” which is how she ultimately joined the show without going through an audition.

Few people know that sitcoms from that era were filmed with real live audiences; the laugh track you hear was captured live and not edited in the editing room.

Lauren Tom was flawless and performed just as the Friends director had anticipated. The actress quickly learned that it was more difficult than she had anticipated filming in front of a live audience.

Usually, the live crowd would extend a friendly welcome to new characters making their Friends debut. Lauren Tom, however, encountered a hostile situation because she obstructed Ross and Rachel’s relationship. Although it was anticipated, the actress acknowledged that she was challenging to manage.

Lauren Tom was Booed live on Friends

My character was booed in a live crowd, and I wasn’t ready for the backlash. Of course, I was trying very hard not to take it personally.

I have to adjust to that, therefore. But logically, I knew that the audience was supposed to support Rachel. Rachel was a fan of the program, so in a way, even I was rooting for her.”

Then, to make matters worse, the National Enquirer carried a front-page story stating, Friends actress fired when my arc ended, which was always the plan. “That wasn’t the case; I enjoyed my time on Friends both on and off camera.

Lauren Tom, who portrayed the part of Julie, was optimistic about her experience working with the group despite the setback. Tom gushed about how friendly everyone was and how close the model was when no one was filming.