Bryan Cranston Would Return As Walter White Under One Condition

Bryan Cranston Return Walter White

In a candid discussion with Awards Radar, Bryan Cranston, the renowned actor who portrayed Walter White in Breaking Bad, delved into the possibility of reprising his iconic role. 

Despite a decade passing since the airing of the legendary final episode, “Felina,” the show’s fanbase continues to grow. Cranston expressed his willingness to revisit the character under one necessary condition.

“I never underestimate Vince Gilligan. I thought when we were saying like on April 3, just a little while ago, that 10 years earlier was our last production day on Breaking Bad… 10 years ago. I thought when I was saying my tearful goodbyes to everybody that that was it. Then El Camino came up. ‘Oh, I guess I’m gonna be Walter White again. And then Better Call Saul came up, ‘Oh, I guess I’m gonna be on,”…and then Pop Corners commercial comes up. ‘You guys want to play it together?’ ‘Sure!’ It’s just fun.

Considering these recent experiences, Cranston acknowledged that proclaiming, “Yes, we’re done,” would be foolish. He acknowledged that Vince Gilligan, the creator of Breaking Bad, would not undertake a project solely for financial reasons, and neither would he. 

Bryan Cranston Would Return As Walter White Under One Condition

However, Cranston highlighted that if Gilligan were to approach him with an idea that provoked an “Oh my God” reaction, he would seriously consider it. Such profound astonishment rarely occurs while reading or listening to a script, making it an important indicator to pay attention to. While Cranston doesn’t assume such an opportunity will arise, he remains open to it.

“So now I’d be a fool to say, ‘Yeah, we’re done.’ I’ll just leave it at nothing’s on the horizon and I know that Vince would not want to do something where – he doesn’t need a paycheck and neither do I – and so let’s honor that. But IF there was something that he that he woke up from a dream, and went, ‘Oh my God,’ and he pitched me on it, and I too, had the ‘OH MY GOD’ reaction then I’d look at it.

“It’s not often that you get an ‘OH MY GOD’ reaction when you read or hear a pitch. If you’re stunned and astonished by something, you should pay attention. So, if that happens, I don’t assume that will – but if that ever did, I’d listen.”