George Clooney says, “He is the best Batman ever”

George Clooney, an American actor, director, screenwriter, and producer born in 1961, doesn’t need an introduction. Even with his extensive career in front of him and two Oscars in his acting career, the artist does not need to further establish himself. The Hollywood icon is a living embodiment of the star system.

George Clooney has played several memorable characters during his career, choosing comedic and tragic roles in particular.

Though one of his films is now regarded as a trashy masterpiece, his portrayal of the Dark Knight, directed by Joel Schumacher, has remained unforgettable.

After many years, George Clooney still has a special affection for this character. According to The Hollywood Reporter, he even brought it up during a conference.

The actor remarked that he was “the finest Batman ever” while speaking at a Roybal Film & TV Magnet event.

However, the artist did not hesitate to respond, “Ben Affleck? more than me,” when Don Cheadle pointed out that Ben Affleck should also be remembered.

George Clooney demonstrated his ability to be highly self-deprecating and to have the joke ready with this bit of performance he gave to his audience.

Though it seemed like everything was planned, it is equally funny to witness George Clooney recall this performance, which is undoubtedly one of the worst performances but still appears to have lingered in the recesses of his heart.

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