When Jennifer Aniston Wore a Dress, she Stole from Monica Geller Closet

Jennifer Aniston Dress Monica Geller's Closet

Aniston and her hairdresser Chris McMillan may be seen in a new Instagram photo wearing a garment with a very vintage vibe. It turns out that Jennifer Aniston Wore a Dress she Stole from Monica Geller’s Closet.

In several episodes, Monica can be seen wearing a black floral V-neck dress with lace trim if you cannot identify it. The dress was stolen from Monica Geller’s Closet, and Jennifer Aniston admitted it.

“I went into her line of dresses and I drew out a dress that Monica wore,” “I still have it and wear it to this day and it fits. It’s flowery with black lace, tiny little flowers, a V-neck and little ruffle cap sleeves.” Aniston says.

After she wore it out, she put pictures of Cox wearing the dress on set as Monica Geller on Instagram and asked her followers, “Does the dress look familiar?” Still have it! She then shared McMillan’s post, showing that it still looks great after all these years.

Courteney Cox wrote “Cuties” under Chris’s Instagram post to show her support; many fans asked her if she thought the dress looked like the one her character wore.