Evolution of Jennifer Aniston’s Hair

Evolution of Jennifer Aniston's Hair

The Tv show Friends last aired in 2004, but the show’s cultural impact can still be seen today, Specially in terms of Fashion. Even though all three ladies of the show had excellent fashion sense, Jennifer Aniston as Rachel Green, in particular, stood out as a model. Aniston’s hair has always been the topic of discussion through the years; even her character’s hair was an icon in the 90s. So today, we will look at the Evolution of Jennifer Aniston’s Hair.

Here is the Evolution of Jennifer Aniston’s Hair

June 1995

September 1999

March 2000

January 2001

September 2002

January 2003

January 2004

December 2005

June 2006

June 2007

February 2009

March 2010

May 2011

February 2013

May 2013

November 2014

February 2015

February 2017

December 2018