10 Questions That Every FRIENDS Fan Should Be Able To Answer

Even after 28years TV show FRIENDS is still popular than some current TV Shows, The shows follows the life of six friends living in New York city, Monica Geller a single chef in her early 20’s who is illegally subletting her grandmother’s apartment. Ross Geller Monica’s older brother, a paleontologist whose marriage recently ended because his wife is a lesbian. Rachel Green Monica’s high-school best friend who has just left her fiancé at the altar. Chandler Bing Ross’ college roommate and best friend who lives across the hall from Monica. Joey Tribbiani a struggling Italian-American actor and Chandler’s roommate. and Phoebe Buffay a masseuse and a singer.

Because of the relevancy of the show, almost everyone has watched the show multiple times. So if you are a total FRIENDS super fan, you’ll definitely be successful on this quiz!!

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10 Questions That Every FRIENDS Fan Should Be Able To Answer

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Which Friend was once homeless?

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Who does Phoebe end up with?

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What song does Ross sing to Emma that makes her laugh?

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What is Richard's job?

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Which of Phoebe's songs gets made into a music video?

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Who have been friends since high school?

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Where are Ross, Rachel, and Monica from?

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What is chandler bing's Job?

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Chandler Father Stage Name

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What does Monica do for work?

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