Tom Holland Says He’s Taking A Year Off From Acting

Tom Holland Year Off From Acting

Tom Holland, mainly known for portraying Peter Parker/Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, recently announced he will take a one-year hiatus from acting.

The decision primarily stems from the demanding production of his latest venture, the Apple TV+ series titled The Crowded Room. During an interview with Extra, Holland discussed his challenges while working on the show. He described it as a difficult period, delving into unfamiliar emotions that he had never experienced before.

Additionally, juggling the responsibilities of being both an actor and a producer added a layer of pressure to the already intense production process.

While Holland appreciated the learning experience of taking on the producer role, he acknowledged that managing the dual responsibilities became overwhelming. He reflected on his journey and expressed how the show pushed him to his limits.

Despite his strong work ethic, he eventually reached a breaking point and decided to take a much-needed break. He disappeared for a week-long retreat to Mexico, where he could relax on the beach and recharge. The decision to take a year off from acting directly resulted from his immense difficulties while working on The Crowded Room. However, he remains optimistic about the outcome and believes the hard work invested in the show will be worthwhile.

The Crowded Room, set to premiere on June 9 on Apple TV+, revolves around the true story of Danny Sullivan, who was arrested for his involvement in the 1979 shooting at Rockefeller Center.