Oscar Isaac Confirms the Second Season of Moon Knight

Oscar Isaac Confirms the Second Season of Moon Knight

Oscar Isaac made his MCU debut as the title character in the Moon Knight series, which debuted on Disney+ earlier this year. Ethan Hawke and May Caramawy co-star alongside Oscar Isaac as the Moon Knight.

Marc Spector was originally a mercenary, left for dead in the desert and then miraculously restored by the Moon deity Khonshu. Moon Knight, designated as Khonshu’s fist and high priest, administers justice to safeguard those who walk at night. Steven Grant, a millionaire, and Jake Lockley, a cab driver, are two of Marc’s alter egos.

Several celebrities spoke about their future work and projects at the New York Comic-Con. One of the most often requested topics about Moon Knight is the second season, and Oscar Isaac answered it.

All I can say is that this is not the last time we hear about Moon Knight.

Oscar Isaac has already teased fans by mentioning the reappearance of his character. In reality, the series producer and executive director Mohamed Diab’s daughter shared a video a few months ago showing her father seated close to the actor. 

When she asks the two in the video, “the question everyone is asking, will there be season two,” his father responds, “Moon Knight,” and Isaac himself adds, “Why else would we be in Cairo?”.

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