Tom Holland says, “I Really Do Not Like Hollywood, It is Not for Me”

Tom Holland Says Really Do Not Like Hollywood

Tom Holland, known for his role as Spider-Man in Marvel movies, recently shared his candid thoughts on the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. In a conversation on The Jay Shetty Podcast, the talented actor expressed his love for filmmaking while admitting his dislike for the Hollywood scene.

During the interview, Holland revealed, “I’ve been really good at keeping in touch with my friends, keeping my family close, listening to the lessons, not getting caught up in the Hollywood hype. I really am a massive fan of making movies but I really do not like Hollywood, “It is not for me.”

The Crowded Room star Opening up about his personal life, Holland mentioned that he avoids discussing it publicly. However, he made an exception due to his admiration for the podcast host, Jay Shetty.

“The business really scares me. I understand I am a part of that business and I enjoy my kind of interactions with it, but that being said, I am always looking for ways to remove myself from it, to kind of just live as normal a life as possible.”

Reflecting on his journey through stardom, Holland emphasized the importance of staying true to oneself. He witnessed others succumbing to the pressures of fame, leading to lost friendships and personal identity. 

The Spider-Man: No Way Home star emphasized his dedication to prioritizing happiness. For Holland, true joy stems from his family, friends, hobbies like carpentry and golf, and supporting his mother’s charity. These aspects of his life hold immense significance, and he is determined to safeguard them.

“I just am really really keen to focus on what makes me happy, which is my family, my friends, my carpentry, my golf, the charity that my mom runs. “That is the stuff that makes me really happy and that’s the stuff that I should protect.”

Holland shared his approach to handling the spotlight by consciously stepping away from it when possible. He remarked, “So I do try to keep as removed from it as possible — you’ll never see me at an award show that I don’t have to be at, “I’m never going to a red carpet event that I’m not in the film of. I don’t want the attention when I don’t need it.”

While Holland appreciates the challenges and rewards of leading movies and television shows, he also finds solace in taking breaks from the entertainment industry. He enjoys temporarily retreating from the limelight, retreating to his hometown of Kingston, engaging in activities like golf and tennis, and cherishing quality time with friends and family.

“I enjoy it while I can, and then when it becomes a bit much I kind of become a bit of a recluse and I disappear,” he said. “I come back to Kingston, I play golf, I play tennis, hang out with with my friends and my family, do the pub quiz and all that sort of stuff.”