Every Margot Robbie Outfit For Barbie Promotion

Margot Robbie Outfit Barbie Promotion

Margot Robbie, the talented Oscar nominee, embraces her inner Barbie in a whimsical and fashion-forward manner. As she embarks on a global promotional tour for her highly anticipated film inspired by the iconic Mattel doll, Robbie showcases her love for all things Barbie through her vibrant wardrobe, predominantly adorned in shades of pink.

Robbie’s resemblance to the beloved doll has always been striking; with her stylist, she has gone the extra mile by commissioning custom-designed outfits that pay homage to the iconic ensembles worn by the fashionable plastic figurine.

Throughout the press tour, Robbie has donned an array of outfits that capture the essence of Barbie, each with its miniature toy counterpart for comparison. These outfits reflect the doll’s spirit and embody Robbie’s playful and imaginative approach to fashion.

By embracing the Barbie aesthetic, Margot Robbie showcases her creativity and love for all things whimsical. Her sartorial choices serve as a delightful tribute to the iconic doll and add an extra layer of excitement to the promotion of her film. Robbie’s Barbie-inspired ensembles are a testament to her versatility as an actress and her ability to embrace different styles quickly.

Every Margot Robbie Outfit For Barbie Promotion

Margot Robbie in London, England

Margot Robbie at the European Premiere, wearing Custom Vivienne Westwood inspired by the 1960 ‘Enchanted Evening’ doll

Margot Robbie’s outfit’s inspired from 1960’s Solo in the Spotlight Barbie 

Margot Robbie as the magic barbie from 1992 at the mexico premiere of barbie

Margot Robbie’s outfit inspired by Totally Hair Barbie (1992)

Margot Robbie at cinema con

Margot Robbie for barbie press

Margot Robbie on ‘the kelly clarkson show’

Margot Robbie in Sydney

Margot Robbie’s outfit inspired by strapless black-and-white swimsuit worn by the first-ever Barbie in 1959

Margot Robbie at the airport in Seoul

Margot Robbie arriving in Seoul

Margot Robbie for another Barbie Press

Margot Robbie’s outfit inspired by Day-to-Night Barbie

Margot Robbie’s outfit inspired by Day-to-Night Barbie (1985)