Emma Stone Slapped Willem Dafoe 20 Times while Filming ‘And’

Emma Stone Willem Dafoe slap

Yorgos Lanthimos’ upcoming film, And, provided a memorable experience for Emma Stone and Willem Dafoe. 

Emma Stone Slapped Willem Dafoe 20 Times while Filming ‘And’

According to a profile published in The New York Times, Dafoe was dedicated to his role, coming to set even when not required. Stone slapped Willem Dafoe around 20 times during one scene to make it appear more authentic, despite his character being off-camera. 

Lanthimos praised Willem Dafoe’s commitment, stating that he wanted them to be part of the project in any way possible. “That’s what you want from actors, To want to be part of it in any way.”

Yorgos Lanthimos has cast Emma Stone and Willem Dafoe in two of his films. In Poor Things, which draws inspiration from Frankenstein, Stone portrays a woman whose unborn child’s brain replaces her own. The details of And’s plot are currently unknown.

The La la land actress described Dafoe as contrary to other actors she’s worked with, who strongly desired to perform and draw attention to themselves. As actors progress in their careers, Dafoe explained, acting becomes a spiritual pursuit, a way to connect with everything. 

About Yorgos Lanthimos’s And

And’s release date remains unknown, and the plot remains a mystery. Dafoe and Stone are also set to appear in Lanthimos’ forthcoming film Poor Things, based on Alasdair Gray’s novel, about a young woman brought back to life by an eccentric scientist in Victorian times.