Amber Heard’s Lawyer says Amber Can’t Pay Over $10 Million in Damages.

The trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard has ended. The Fairfax, Virginia, Jury found the Aquaman actress guilty and sentenced her to pay $ 15 million to her former partner. Although the judge in the case later capped Depp’s punitive damages at $350,000 under Virginia law, the Jury awarded Heard $2 million in compensatory damages and nothing in punitive damages.

However, the legal soap opera may not be over. The actress’s legal team has decided to appeal the verdict, and even her lawyer Elaine Bredehoft said that the Jury’s verdict was influenced by ‘social media chatter and posts about the Johnny Depp defamation trial and turned the courtroom into a “zoo.”

In her own words:

“How can you not? They went home every night. They have families. The families are on social media. We had a 10-day break in the middle because of the judicial conference. There’s no way they couldn’t have been influenced by it,”

When asked if Amber would appeal the stunning loss announced on Wednesday, Elaine replied, “Oh, absolutely,” Bredehoft said. “And she has some excellent grounds for it.”

She also said that Bredehoft wouldn’t be able to pay the $10 Million, “Absolutely not,” she said. Heard testified that she’s been unable to afford to make good on a multimillion-dollar pledge to the ACLU, a discrepancy of more than $7 million. “

Bredehoft said that the verdict sends “a horrible message. “Unless you pull out your phone and video your spouse or your significant another beating you, effectively, you won’t be believed,” she added.

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