This Better Call Saul Season 6 Scene left Michael Mckean completely Devastated

Better Call Saul ended on Netflix, and the events of season 6 left many people in wonder, including the show’s stars, who acknowledged feeling crushed by the direction the last episodes went. There were, without any doubt, a few instances where viewers felt like nothing that happened should have happened, much like in Breaking Bad.

According to Michael McKean, who discussed the last season of Better Call Saul, one scene, in particular, saddened him.

The fatalities that occurred in Better Call Saul, except for Lalo Salamanca, are also among those terrible events. Viewers were touched, and this, in turn, led to other unexpectedly powerful and dramatic occurrences in the show.

After the series finale aired, Chuck McGill’s actor, Michael McKean, described how a specific moment in season 6 utterly caught him off guard. These unanticipated developments helped Better Call Saul become a genuine television event.

Jimmy’s brother Chuck McGill was childless. But he eventually met someone who gave him a fatherly feeling. It was about Howard Hamlin (Patrick Fabian), who unintentionally ended up being the cause of Jimmy McGill’s life-long angst since he never found acceptance for him.

Given how significant Howard was to Chuck McGill, it was only natural for the lawyer to want to get along with his brother’s partner, who had shown some signs of good faith at one point but was always affected by his partner’s jealousy of Jimmy.

Howard’s passing in Better Call Saul was tragic and crushed Michael McKean. The way they conveyed his narrative and Patrick Fabian’s acting clearly impressed him. He continues to feel pain for all that has occurred to him.

McKean continued by mentioning aspects that humanized his character, such as the first glimpse viewers got into Howard’s personal life and a way to get rid of fizz from a shaken Coke can that he says he learned from Chuck.

“When he became a victim, it was devastating, but it was also like, life is that. Life is the guy who walks in at the wrong moment, you know?” McKean said.

According to what is known, Patrick Fabian was stunned when his Better Call Saul character passed away. He mentioned in an interview that he knelt down and put his hands on his knees after it occurred. He simply gasped. This proves that Howard’s death has not been the only cause of shock for the viewers.