Is Breaking Bad’s Los Pollos Hermanos A Real Restaurant?

Breaking Bad Los Pollos Hermanos

Known for its delicious fried chicken, Los Pollos Hermanos become an iconic fast-food franchise within the Breaking Bad universe.

Gus Fring and Max Arciniega established the chain in Mexico as a front for Gus’ drug enterprise. The franchise later became a subsidiary of Madrigal Electromotive GmbH, which facilitated both legal and illegal operations for Gus. Despite this, Los Pollos Hermanos increased and expanded to 14 locations throughout the American Southwest.

After Gus’ demise in Breaking Bad, the franchise was shut down, and Twisters replaced the Albuquerque flagship restaurant. However, Los Pollos Hermanos made a comeback in Better Call Saul.

Is Breaking Bad’s Los Pollos Hermanos A Real Restaurant?

To celebrate the premiere of Season 3 of Better Call Saul, Los Pollos Hermanos pop-up restaurants were created in Los Angeles, California, and Austin, Texas.

These pop-ups served Southwestern fast-food cuisine that remained faithful to Breaking Bad’s portrayal, featuring a menu that included curly fries, coleslaw, and fried chicken sandwiches with names related to Breaking Bad.

In 2018, additional pop-up Los Pollos Hermanos restaurants were created to promote new episodes and the 10th anniversary of Breaking Bad, delivering free mini-meals to Los Angeles and New York City fans.

Surprisingly, in October 2019, a real-life Los Pollos Hermanos was created thanks to a deal signed by Family Style Inc on 7100 Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood, California. Breaking Bad creator, Vince Gilligan praised the restaurant’s authenticity and food quality.

On October 24, 2019, a temporary location was launched in Venice Beach, California, to celebrate the release of El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie.

Los Pollos Hermanos Employee Training: Communication

Extensive use of Los Pollos Hermanos was made in the promotional material for the third season of Better Call Saul. This included the creation of a company website and a Los Pollos Hermanos Employee Training miniseries. The latter went on to win the Drama Series or Short Form Comedy award at the 69th Emmy Awards.

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