The Reason Behind Henry Cavill Leaving Netflix’s The Witcher

The Reason Behind Henry Cavill Leaving Netflix's The Witcher

A few days ago, Henry Cavill announced his exit as Geralt of Rivia in the Netflix hit series, The Witcher. He played the role of Geralt for three seasons but for some reason; he has chosen not to play the part anymore; Inteased Liam Hemsworth, brother of Chris Hemsworth, is taking up the title role in the show. 

And this has left fans worldwide heartbroken; just a few weeks ago, he also announced that he is officially back as Superman in the DCEU after making his first official Cameo in Black Adams.

The reason why Henry Cavill has left The Witcher

Despite approving The Witcher’s seven-season plan earlier, Cavill had made it clear in interviews that there was a catch. He indicated he would only stay on board “as long as we can keep presenting beautiful narratives that honor Sapkowski’s work.”

In part, because he appreciates the source material—novels and video games—he complained about the program for a long time. He wanted to participate in a faithful adaptation.

However, the writing team behind The Witcher has plainly shown a disregard for the source material, and it appears that the story is steadily straying from the one Cavill cherishes.