The Last of Us Co-creator Neil Druckmann talks about the Importance of Anna’s Story

The Last of Us Anna's

The conclusion of The Last of Us has been released, marking the end of Joel and Ellie’s journey, at least for now.

The episode began with a scene featuring Ashley Johnson portraying Anna, the mother of Ellie. Through this episode, the mystery of Ellie’s immunity was finally unveiled, shedding light on the dynamic between Anna and Marlene. In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Neil Druckmann, the game’s creator and show’s co-creator discussed the development of Anna’s character.

Druckmann revealed that other stories written since the game’s release never existed for various reasons. However, when he and Craig Mazin began discussing the series’ narrative, Druckmann mentioned some of those stories, including Anna’s, which Mazin was thrilled to include.

Druckmann expressed his happiness that Anna’s story was finally being told. This led the duo to begin the final episode with Ellie’s birth, revealing her origins and providing insight into her tenacity in combat. Additionally, the sequence highlights the difficult decision faced by Marlene as she contemplates sacrificing Ellie for the greater good.

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