The Last Of Us Season 2: Cast, Potential Release Date, Plot, and Everything We Know

The Last Of Us Season 2 Cast

The Last of Us has seized the hearts of audiences with its thrilling post-apocalyptic storyline and captivating characters, particularly Joel and Ellie, played by Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey, respectively. 

The show follows their journey across the United States in the aftermath of a devastating fungal plague that has ravaged the human population. As the first season ended, viewers were left with hope for more. However, HBO quickly put our minds at ease by announcing a second season of the popular survival drama just two episodes into the first season.

The series fans eagerly await news on when they can expect to see more of Joel and Ellie and what their fates will be as they navigate through a world overrun by grotesque fungal creatures, and the first season concluded on the same note as the 2013 video game that inspired the series, leaving Joel and Ellie alive but with a growing tension between them due to a significant lie that Joel tells.

The series is co-written by the game’s writer, Neil Druckmann, who also wrote the sequel to the game released in 2020. The first season mainly remained faithful to the game’s storyline, with a few deviations in standalone episodes focused on secondary characters. This has led fans to speculate that the series may aim to complete the story told in the gaming medium, requiring at least one more season.

The Last of Us Season 1 Finale all times high Ratings

The show has also been a rating success, with the first episode attracting around 4.7 million viewers and the ninth/ finale episode breaking records with a jump to 8.2 million viewers, averaging 30.4 million viewers, making it bigger than House of the Dragon, which was at 29 million viewers. The Last of Us has left an unforgettable mark on our collective consciousness, and we can’t wait to see what happens next.

The Last Of Us Season 2 Cast

There have been concerns among fans about the age suitability of Bella Ramsey, who plays a 14-year-old in the first season of The Last of Us, for the character Ellie’s storyline in the game’s second part. Although Bella is already 19, Ellie’s age in Part II, the surface is more muscular and hardened, making it uncertain if Ramsey will reprise the role. However, Bella is the same age as Ellie in the game, and showrunner Craig Mazin has confirmed no plans to recast her. Pedro Pascal will likely return as Joel. 

Meanwhile, the casting for Abby, a memorable character from Part II, is yet to be announced by the production team. The casting of this character has yet to be announced; Jesse (Dina’s ex-boyfriend), Owen (Abby’s ex-boyfriend), Lev, and Yara (who team up with Abby)

The Last Of Us Season 2 Potential Release Date

There has yet to be an official release date for the second season of The Last of Us. However, we do know that it is in production. Based on the production timelines of other prominent HBO series, The Last of Us is unlikely to follow the typical one-year gap between seasons. 

As a result, we can expect the release date for the second season to be pushed back to 2025 or even later. Even if filming for the second season starts this winter, it is improbable that the series will air before late 2024 or early 2025.

The Last Of Us Season 2 Plot [Heavy Spoilers for Non-Gamers]

The second season of The Last of Us series may feature events from the second game, and the character Joel may only make it a short time into the story. In The Last of Us Part II, Joel and Ellie live in Jackson, Wyoming, and their search for Joel’s brother Tommy leads them to encounter Abby, who beats Joel to death. 

The group then sets off to hunt Abby down, leading them to the Seraphites, a religious cult fighting the WLF for control of the city. The second season may focus on Ellie, Dina, Abby, and possibly Tommy, with Joel appearing only in early episodes or flashbacks. Bella Ramsey, who plays Ellie, has expressed excitement about exploring Ellie and Dina’s love story and the complexity of Ellie’s relationship with Joel. The creators have also teased a different Ellie for the audience to look forward to, with deviations from the game giving hope for longevity in Joel’s arc.

The Last of Us season 2 will not be the last season.

The Last of Us has officially been revitalized for a second season, but how many seasons will follow is still being determined. While it’s possible, it’s still being determined. However, due to its popularity, Mazin and co-creator Neil Druckmann will likely be able to produce as many seasons as they desire. In a post-finale interview with GQ, they revealed that they don’t think the story of The Last of Us Part 2 can be condensed into just one season. Mazin hasn’t revealed the exact number of seasons they plan to adapt the game into, but he has confirmed that it will be “more than one season.”