Thanos will Discover the Seventh Infinity Stone in Thanos: Death Notes

As you may already be aware, there are six infinity stones: the Space Stone, Reality Stone, Power Stone, Mind Stone, Time Stone, and Soul Stone. Both the MCU and the comics have shown these stones. It was wild to see Thanos combining the six stones in comic books and movies. But the upcoming issue Thanos: Death Notes will uncover some interesting mysteries.

Even though the Soul Stone, the first Infinity Stone, appeared in comics in 1972, the name “Infinity Stones” didn’t exist until 1990. The idea for the origin of these stones first surfaced in 1972.

Marvel drops the bombshell that there is a seventh Infinity Stone, and Thanos will find it, just when you think the situation is resolved.

Thanos will therefore discover a seventh Infinity Stone due to his comprehensive hunt.

Initially, there was a prophecy. Galactus and Thor confronted Black Winter together as the God of Thunder were given a picture of what was ahead. Thor was shown what he didn’t want to see: many ways in which Death may destroy the whole cosmos.

Thanos: Death Notes

The Thanos: Death Notes magazine, which won’t be available until November 30th, will include the final answers. Thor carries on with his visions in this magazine and explores them.

Thanos supposedly passed away. But everyone is sick of hearing that Thanos never stops. Even Death is opposed to Thanos. She sends him back after his Death.

Thor will thus look into what’s going on and learn new information about Thanos’ history and present. The name of the publication is derived from Thanos’ purported “deadly notes.”

This seventh Infinity Stone is a mystery, according to Marvel. If this seventh Infinity Stone turns out to be the Black Infinity Stone, it will be somewhat ironic. Thus, Thanos will have a complete reign over the dead thanks to the Stone of Death. The villain might resurrect any opponent, hero, or another person to serve him.

In any case, the seventh Infinity Stone will be the subject of this story’s conclusion.